We are inspired to educate our community about the advantages and strengths of CBD.

Beyond the fantastic goods we offer, Modern Medicine Cartel is dedicated to giving our customers the greatest possible shopping experience, whether they are seasoned CBD users or looking to experience CBD for the first time.

Homemade sweetmeat with marijuana or cannabis leaf on white plate. Alternative medicine concept.

Sweet Treats

  • Gummies (Single) R40.00
  • Gummies (3's) R70.00
  • Gummy Bears R60.00
  • Chocolate Bar (Small) R40.00
  • Chocolate Bar (Large) R120.00
  • Suckers R50.00
  • Brownies R60.00
  • Cookies (Choc Chip) R40.00
  • Cookies (Peanut Butter) R40.00


  • Chicken And Mayo R39.00
  • Cheese And Tomato R25.00
  • Steak And Cheese R49.00
  • Cheese And Tomato (Untoasted) R20.00


  • Sweetcorn And Cheese R30.00
  • Potato (5S) R30.00
  • Mince (5S) R30.00
  • Chicken (5S) R30.00
  • Snack Platter R120.00
  • Fried Chips (Small) R25.00
  • Fried Chips (Large) R40.00
Cannabis CBD infused Coffee with hemp leaves, concept of usage of cannabis in food and drinks


  • Expresso (250ML) R28.00
  • Expresso (350ML) R35.00
  • Expresso Green (250ML) R65.00
  • Expresso Green (350ML) R80.00
  • MMC Water (500ML) R20.00


  • Blue Cheese R40.00
  • Sunset Sherbet R90.00
  • American Pie R90.00
  • Banana Blaze R70.00

Ready Made

  • Sunset Sherbet R60.00
  • Sunset Sherbet 2 For R100.00
  • 3 Strain (Esco-Blah) R80.00
  • 3 Strain (Esco-Blah) 2 For R80.00
  • Outdoor R10.00 & R20.00
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